What are Digital Signal Processors?

Digital signal processors are a type of microprocessor. As the name suggests, they are specifically for the needs of processing digital signals. They are able to process data in real time, which is an essential factor when it comes to working with devices and applications that cannot have any delays. The processors are going to take a digital signal and then process it through mathematical computations, which will actually be able to improve the signal. You will find that this can improve many different types of signals based on the type of processor and application. They could improve the speed of data transference, and provide clearer images and sound, and much more. The processed signals can then go onto a display, or it is possible to convert them into another type of signal.

History of Digital Signal Processors

The first digital signal processor that we would recognize as such today was released in 1978 from Texas Instruments, one of the great innovative companies of the world. The first signal processor was actually inside of a Speak & Spell, a children

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