Lighting Options

Lighting is one of the things that help to separate us from all of the other creatures on the planet, and it is a very important aspect of the home and business. You will find that there are many different types of lighting out there, all with a distinct purpose. Understanding all of the different types of lighting available will help you determine which of the choices are going to work for different areas. With proper use of artificial illumination, you will find that your space can be more comfortable, and it can be safer.

What Types of Lighting Exist?

Natural light, which is available during the daytime, can be helpful in reducing your energy usage needs for some things during the daylight hours. However, even in the daytime, you may need to have additional lighting. This comes in the form of artificial lighting that makes use of different types of technology. For various needs, you will find that you need to have different types of lighting. A single type of light is simply not going to be sufficient for all purposes.

Spend some time getting to understand the various options you have for lighting, and what some of the different terms mean. The more you know about lighting and the options that you have the easier it is going to be when you are looking for the right options for your space, whether you are buying for your private residence or a business.

What is Emergency Lighting & Safety Lighting?

An emergency light is one that will turn on whenever a building has a power outage of some sort. These run on batteries so that even when there is no power, the building will be able to have a sufficient amount of lighting that people are going to be able to get around the place and out of the building or to a safe location without worrying about fumbling around in the dark.

All commercial and industrial buildings should have these types of lights, and it is important to make sure that you test these lights and the batteries regularly to ensure that they will work in the event of an actual emergency. You will also find these types of lights in apartment buildings that have a high number of occupants and interior corridors. The old lights in this category were actually incandescent, and they were not always the best solution. They did not usually offer enough illumination. Today, they use higher quality bulbs that are capable of providing more light, and they are able to last for 90 minutes with just the battery power in most cases.

Another term used with emergency lighting is safety lighting. However, actual safety lighting can take on different aspects as well. The safety lighting that many people consider when they are talking about this subject is the lights used to keep dark areas bright and safe for traversing, and to keep trouble at bay. Safety lights are important for parking structures and any walkways that become dark – inside and outside. They are helpful for the business, but proper safety and security lighting in the home can be important as well.

What are Fluorescent Lamps & Tubes?

The fluorescent lamps and tubes are very popular in businesses around the world, and you can even find them in the home today. These are gas discharge lamps that make use of mercury vapor. When you turn on one of these lights, the electrical charge that flows through it is going to excite the vapor that is inside of the tube. This is what is going to cause the illumination.

Why are these types of lamps popular? The fluorescent lamps and tubes have a good reputation when it comes to saving money. They are going to use much less light than a regular incandescent bulb, and that is going to mean savings on the energy bill. Even though the fixtures for these lights might have a higher cost, you will find that the actual cost of the bulbs and energy will be quite affordable. The bulbs can last for quite a long time as well – longer than their incandescent counterparts would last.

These are certainly good options to consider for many locations. In addition to the office buildings where you might imagine them, they can work well in the home kitchen or bathroom, and even the garage, for some overhead lighting.

What are Halogen Lamps?

The halogen lamp actually goes by a few different names. Some call it a quartz iodine lamp or a tungsten halogen lamp. These types of lamps will use a tiny bit of halogen, usually in the form of iodine or bromine. They also have a tungsten filament inside of them. When the two combine with the electrical current, they will produce a chemical reaction that emits the light. These are generally going to be quite small lamps. You can use them as desk lamps, reading lamps, small projectors, and similar items. You will find that they are in many things today including headlights. In fact, for seven years, (1999 to 2006), they even used halogen lights in the Times Square Ball on New Year’s Eve.

What are HID Lamps?

HID lamps, or high intensity discharge lamps, create light in a similar manner to the halogen lamps. They use an electrical discharge to ignite gas that creates the light. The lamps have tungsten electrodes, and they are full of metal salts and gas. The salts will melt, which then forms a plasma that will make the light more intense. It is possible to find a number of different varieties of this type of lamp including metal-halide lamps, ceramic MH lamps, and Xenon short arc lamps. You will find these lamps in places where they need to be able to illuminate a large area with a lot of light. Some of the places where you might be able to see these types of lights in action include parking lots, warehouses, and gas stations.

What are Incandescent Light Bulbs?

These light bulbs have been around for many years. In fact, they have been around for well over a hundred years. These light bulbs are the ones that you know from growing up, but just because they have been around for so long, it does not mean they are the right solution for your lighting needs. In fact, you will likely be able to find quite a few options that are going to be longer lasting and that use less energy. More and more people are starting to move away from the incandescent bulbs and toward smarter options, but you might find that they are still useful for some applications.

What are Indicators and Indicator Components?

These pieces can go into your different devices to determine if they are working. They are indicator lights. The lights can let you know if a device is working, if it is on or off, and more. In those instances where there is an issue with the indicator, it is possible to buy and utilize the indicator components, which can get things back in working order. Those who are manufacturing certain types of devices may want to buy these items as well.

What are Infrared Lamps?

These devices are going to emit IR radiation. You will find that these lamps are useful for many different applications today. One of the most common uses for this type of lamp is heating. They can be good for heating larger areas, even when the light source is relatively small in comparison. They can be used for providing heating for pets, such as reptiles, which will often need the added heat. You will find them used in preparation for plastic forming and even browning food as well. Heating is not the only application though. In some cases, IR is useful for short-range communication. In addition, IR lighting is useful for night vision cameras and goggles.

What are LED Lamps?

An LED lamp is going to use a light emitting diode as a source of light. These lamps are found in many different devices today, and they have quite a few benefits. The LED lamps can be great for the office, and they can be a great solution for the home as well. You will be able to find colored as well as white LED lamps and lights, and they can do a great job of illuminating nearly any area. Best of all, they are able to do it for less than many of the other lighting options on the market today. You will also find that you have many options other than just color and color changing lights. They are also dimmable, and they are sturdy. These types of lamps are going to last and they are going to look great.

What are Light Fittings and Luminaires?

A light fitting or luminaire is the same thing as a light fixture. This electrical device will hold the bulb and will be responsible for creating the light. You can find many different types of fittings today that will work for many different types of lighting needs. For example, a table lamp or desk lamp is a fitting, and so is a standing lamp. You can find them for the home and work, and they will be available for all of the different lamp types including fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, halogen lamps, and more. You can find fixtures for inside and outside and that will be able to serve many different purposes.

What are Lighting Components and Accessories?

When you are shopping for lighting, you will want to look at all of the various types of lighting components and accessories that are available as well. You will be able to find options for going wireless with your lighting, remote controls, daylight controls, and more. In addition, you are going to want to think about some of the practical accessories that you might need to have. For example, you will want to have the aforementioned fittings and luminaires appropriate to your needs. You may also want to have a way of mounting your lights, such as a bracket.

What are Neon Lamps?

Neon lamps are going to be small gas discharge tubes that contain neon. The neon that is inside of the lamp is going to be at a low pressure. When the current starts to run through the tube, this is what is going to produce the light. Chances are that you are quite familiar with neon lamps today. They are in many different stores, restaurants, and pubs and they are often a large part of advertising on the exterior – and sometimes the interior – of certain establishments. While they can be interesting and fun, they do seem to have a limited number of uses for the average person.

What are Torches and Handlamps?

The term torch or handlamp is going to refer to a flashlight. These are handheld illumination devices that will usually run on some type of battery. Larger torches, for example, are going to need to make use of larger batteries. You can find these devices in many different sizes and shapes, and they are always going to be handy to have around. Most of the time, people are going to have at least one or two in their home, and they might decide to keep one in the vehicle, just in case of an emergency. They are generally priced quite affordably, so have a few high quality torches around is always a good idea.

What are UV Lamps?

These types of lamps utilize a certain type of light through electromagnetic radiation. The wavelength is longer than in x-rays, but shorter than what visible light contains. The lamps and devices that you can find that emit this type of light can be quite useful. They can even cause some types of objects to fluoresce, or appear to give off their own light. Today, people are using UV lights for a number of different things including disinfection.

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