What is the Hall Effect?

The Hall Effect is an important principle in science. The effect shows that a semiconductor or conductor that has a current flowing through it in one direction was brought into contact perpendicular with a magnetic field it was possible to measure voltage at right angles to the current path. The Hall Effect is a result… Continue reading What is the Hall Effect?

What are HVAC Sensors?

Having proper heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in the home is important. Many homes today are utilizing powerful technology that will make it much easier for them to have more control over the home

What are Chip Systems?

A chip system, or a system on a chip (SOC), is an integrated circuit that places all of the various components of an electronic system or computer system into just one chip. You will find these most often in embedded systems. Some of the systems will run only a single system, while others are capable… Continue reading What are Chip Systems?

Fuse Holders Overview

What Are Fuses Used For? Fuses are a type of safety device that is situated between the electrical source and associated loads. If the current running through the circuit is too high, and is greater than the predetermined threshold for the circuit or device, the fuse will then