Oscilloscope Guide

The oscilloscope, once called an oscillograph, can be a very important tool for electronic testing. These devices are able to allow the observer to see the various and constant changes in signal voltages. You will be able to see the change in the voltage with a light on the face of the cathode ray tube.… Continue reading Oscilloscope Guide

Power Supply DC

What is a Power Supply? A power supply is a type of device that supplies the electricity, or power, to an electrical load. The term power supply generally refers to devices that convert one type of electrical energy to another, but there are other types as well. Regulated power supplies are able to control output… Continue reading Power Supply DC

USB Cables

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and it is an industry-standard for many cables and connectors used to attach computers and a host of different types of electronic devices. They act as a form of communication between those two devices, and you will find that many of the items that you have around the home… Continue reading USB Cables

Electronics Basics

Introduction: How to Get Started and Understand Electronics For many people, the thought of getting into electronics and actually trying to create their own projects is very intimidating. Electronics seems like a very complicated field, and in reality, it can be. There is always something more to learn and something more to try. However, when… Continue reading Electronics Basics

Capacitor Codes

Capacitors are among the most common electronic components in use. Because they cannot be easily identified outwardly, a color-coding scheme is utilized to make it easy to visually identify the characteristics of the capacitor. There is also a numerical scheme used, which consists of combinations of numbers and letters to give specific information on the… Continue reading Capacitor Codes

Air Filters

Air filters come in various types. There are air filters that contain chemicals that enhance their functions and there are simple air filter that use only a fibrous material to filter air. Some air filters are used specifically for pulling allergens out of the air—HEPA—and some are designed to be far less selective, lowering the… Continue reading Air Filters

Aluminium Capacitors

Aluminium capacitors are very common electrical components that have been in use for over a century. They are electrolytic capacitors, which means that they have an electrolyte introduced into them, generally a paste in the case of these components. An aluminium capacitor is a very simple device and the technology that makes it work dates… Continue reading Aluminium Capacitors

8051 Microcontroller

A microcontroller is one such basic computer. Oftentimes microcontrollers are used to run processes in electronics and machinery that do not change over time, and require no interfacing with users whatsoever. For instance, many of the processes in a car’s engine are controlled by microcontroller computers. The same goes for many power tools and other… Continue reading 8051 Microcontroller

12 Volt LED Lights

12 V LED lights describe any LED light consuming 12 V that can be used for a variety of different purposes. Because LED lighting is so much more efficient than incandescent lighting, LED lights can be provided with far less power and provide a relatively high amount of light output. 12 V LED lights tend… Continue reading 12 Volt LED Lights


Which Transformer Does What? Need a transformer? It helps to understand a bit about these devices before you go ahead and buy one. They’re diverse, flexible and eminently useful and among the most common components in use in all fields of technology. What Are Transformers? Transformers are among the most basic of all electronic equipment.… Continue reading Transformers