Thumbwheel Switches

A thumbwheel switch is a multi-position rotary switch. It contains a sprocket that can go forward or backward. As you can imagine from the name, you will be able to use a thumb, or a finger, to move the sprocket each way. They can be on a mechanical or an electronic device. These are sometimes… Continue reading Thumbwheel Switches

What Are Non-Latching Relays?

Relays are switches that are operated by electrical impulses. Latching and non-latching relays, the two major types, have this in common, but have differences that make them appropriate for different applications. If a non-latching relay is a normally closed position, when the relay is depowered, the relay will remain in this NC state, usually with… Continue reading What Are Non-Latching Relays?

Impulse Relay

1. What are Impulse Relays? Simply put, an impulse relay stores a pulse of electrical energy until that energy is later released. An electrical relay is generally a type of switch/coil assembly that is activated when an electric current is introduced. The main difference between an impulse relay and a common relay is that a… Continue reading Impulse Relay

Circuit Symbols

When designing electrical circuits, engineers and electricians will often use a diagram to model the circuit they intend to build. Such a diagram is known as a

Zener Diode

Zener diodes are diodes that have a very unique property that makes them eminently useful in many different electronics applications. These devices are much different than a standard diode, which is also one of the most common and useful electronic components in the world. Zener diodes are much different from a standard diode in terms… Continue reading Zener Diode

Fibre Optic

Fibre optic is a technology that allows light to be guided through a cable, providing illumination, data transmission and other functions. It is among the most efficient ways to transmit data in the world, allowing data to be transmitted over very long distances at significant bandwidths. Fibre optic has largely displaced many other technologies used… Continue reading Fibre Optic