Computing and Peripherals

Computing and peripherals include an enormous variety of different products, some of which are exceptionally advanced and others of which have been around for decades, but still remain useful. What Is Considered Computing? Computing includes activities using computers and building and maintaining computers themselves. Not all computers are the electronic devices most people are familiar… Continue reading Computing and Peripherals

Microcontroller Development Kits

At the most basic level, a microcontroller development kit consists of a microprocessor on a circuit board, with very limited programming capacity. Today, most of the manufacturers of these products provide development software used to program the microcontrollers. The software generally runs on a PC. Microcontroller development kits are widely used for prototyping purposes. The… Continue reading Microcontroller Development Kits

Switching Diodes

What are Diodes? A diode is a very simple device that provides the foundation of some of the most utilized technology in existence. A diode is essentially a device that allows electrical current to pass in one direction but not in the other. This is described as an asymmetric transfer characteristic. Diode can be made… Continue reading Switching Diodes

TVS Diodes

TVS diodes are used as a means of protecting electronic circuits from voltage spikes. The acronym itself stands for Transient Voltage Suppressor. Basic Operation A TVS diode is attached in parallel to an electronic circuit that needs to be protected. Because of the flow of electricity through the circuit, it receives the same amount of… Continue reading TVS Diodes

Discrete Semiconductors

What are Semiconductors? A semiconductor combines the properties of a conductor and an insulator. Semiconductors are materials that have a low connectivity at low temperatures. With the addition of heat, however, or other variables, including voltage and light, their conductivity can be improved. The vast majority of solid-state electronics are built upon semiconductors. Some of… Continue reading Discrete Semiconductors


A potentiometer takes an input voltage and outputs a variable amount of it to a circuit, which is determined by the position of a slider on a resistive element. It is also known by the names variable resistor and rheostat, with these names being dependent upon the usage. The potentiometer can be used as a… Continue reading Potentiometers