Which Semiconductor to Choose

Semiconductors make most of the technology that people depend upon possible. They combine the characteristics of both a conductor and an insulator, allowing them to be used in myriad different electronics applications. Semiconductors have a history thatdates back to the early 1800s, but it was not until the 1900s that they started to really be… Continue reading Which Semiconductor to Choose

Air Filters

Air filters come in various types. There are air filters that contain chemicals that enhance their functions and there are simple air filter that use only a fibrous material to filter air. Some air filters are used specifically for pulling allergens out of the air

Aluminium Capacitors

Aluminium capacitors are very common electrical components that have been in use for over a century. They are electrolytic capacitors, which means that they have an electrolyte introduced into them, generally a paste in the case of these components. An aluminium capacitor is a very simple device and the technology that makes it work dates… Continue reading Aluminium Capacitors

8051 Microcontroller

A microcontroller is one such basic computer. Oftentimes microcontrollers are used to run processes in electronics and machinery that do not change over time, and require no interfacing with users whatsoever. For instance, many of the processes in a car

12 Volt LED Lights

12 V LED lights describe any LED light consuming 12 V that can be used for a variety of different purposes. Because LED lighting is so much more efficient than incandescent lighting, LED lights can be provided with far less power and provide a relatively high amount of light output. 12 V LED lights tend… Continue reading 12 Volt LED Lights


Which Transformer Does What? Need a transformer? It helps to understand a bit about these devices before you go ahead and buy one. They

Electronics Mini Projects

What are Electronics Mini Projects? Electronics mini projects are small-scale projects that are oftentimes completed by students to learn a specific electrical or electronic property. These projects are generally recommended by electronics educators and they have an important way of teaching some basic lessons that anybody going into the field of electronics will need to… Continue reading Electronics Mini Projects

Electronic Components List

Electronic Components are the basic building blocks of the most complex electronic machinery in the world. The basic electronic components that you need for most building projects are inexpensive and, if you are good at electronic engineering, you can build devices that would otherwise be a very expensive purchase for a very low cost. Electronic… Continue reading Electronic Components List