Plants Science

Dear Science Castle Students, This book is one of a kind because it is based on a unique “storytelling” methodology.
It starts out with a story about the Scientist Mike and his friend the lab mouse Maxi. The story is a ‘cliff-hanger’ story and requires your fantasy and knowledge to be completed. After the story there are a number of science experiments related to this book’s subject – Plants!
The experiments will help you arrive at a conclusion to the story. And before you read the official ending, you need to finish the story in your own words using the knowledge that you gain by doing the science experiments.
Sounds like fun? It is! Enjoy!


This book is about …
What do you think of when you think of plants? Plants aren’t people or animals, are they? People and animals move around on their own, but most plants look like they’re definitely stuck in the ground.
But, even though they seem to be stuck, clearly both plants and animals grow. That’s what makes them living things! They grow! Things that grow are made up of cells that grow and multiply, and they use things in their environment – food – as fuel or energy to grow.

The quiet, but amazing world of Plants!
But first you need a science story …


The Trunk Treasure

“Wow, look at all that stuff”, said Mike, who was checking out the old shed in the back yard with his friend lab mouse Maxi. The shed was stuffed with old trunks and boxes everywhere …

… Now, if you were Mike and Maxi what would you do?

Perform the following experiments that will help
you arrive at a conclusion to the story!


For each of the next few experiments, it’s best to start
from scratch each time, so make sure you use your seeds
Once your seeds spout, and they are just about as tall as
the sides of the Petri dish, you can keep the plants and
reuse your Petri dish for the next experiment.
To transplant your seedlings you’ll need …

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