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Test on Cars

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Which of the following is not a vehicle?




What is a gear wheel?

A wheel with teeth on the circumference.

A wheel that is attached to the rear axle of a car.

A wheel that rolls on a track.

When you transfer the motion from a bigger gear wheel to a small gear wheel with fewer teeth it has to

turn more often and therefore faster for each rotation of the bigger wheel.

turn less often and therefore slower for each rotation of the bigger wheel.

turn the same number of rotations as the bigger wheel.

Each time power passes from one gear wheel to another, the second wheel turns

into the same direction

into the opposite direction

upside down

Can gears transfer motion around a corner?

No, they only work on a straight surface.

Yes, as long as the gear wheels interlock.

Yes, but only for a few seconds.

What is a wheel?

A wheel is a circular device that is capable of rotating on its axis.

A mechanical system of springs or shock absorbers.

A device for slowing or stopping motion.

A car engine's job is to:

convert fuel into heat

convert fuel into motion

convert fuel into exhaust

What does the front fork of a bicycle hold?

the chain

the gears

the front wheel

With today's bicycles, what are the pedals connected to?

the front wheel

the rear wheel

the seat tube

You steer your bike using the handlebars, which are directly connected to:

the front wheel

the rear wheel

the pedals

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