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Test on Physics I

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Which of the following is not a simple machine?

Inclined Plane



Which of the following statements is false?

Simple machines are tools that make work easier.

Simple machines have many complex parts.

Simple machines give us an advantage by changing the amount, speed or direction of forces.

When a machine is used to do work, the force applied by the machine is called the

effort force



A simple machine that is actually a kind on inclined plane is a




A pulley system has 3 sections of ropes that lift the load. The mechanical advantage of the system is




An example of work being done is

pushing against a stationary wall

a person pushing against a closed door that remains closed

a person pushing a lawn mower and cutting grass

Energy exists in two states. They are:

friction and reflection

potential and kinetic

solar and nuclear

What is potential energy?

the energy of motion

stored energy

atomic energy

When an object undergoes acceleration

its speed always increases

its velocity always increases

a force always acts on it

An athlete can take a longer jump if he comes running from a distance as compared to that when he jumps suddenly. Identify the type of inertia.

Inertia of rest

Inertia of motion

Inertia of direction

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