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Test on Alchemy

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What is the smallest unit of matter to keep its identity as a chemical element?




What defines the atom (or element) and gives it its chemical properties?




The number of protons in the atom is called the ...


atomic mass.

atomic number.

Which of the following is NOT a type of radiation?


Gamma rays.

Alpha particles.

Which of these atoms is NOT an isotope of the other three?




Consider this atom N+2 with an atomic number of 7. Which of the statements below is correct?

This atom has 7 protons and 2 electrons.

This atom has 7 electrons and 2 protons.

This atom has 7 protons and 5 electrons.

Half-life is ...

the length of time required for half the amount of a radioisotope to decay.

37 billion disintegrations per second.

the number of Curies per gram of a substance (Ci/gram).

An electron cloud is ...

a plasma.

the volume around the atom in which its electrons are likely to be found.

a sphere.

Starting with the innermost (smallest) shell and working outward, which is the correct order of atomic shells?

A, B, C and D.

K, L, M and N.

M, N, L and K.

Pauli's exclusion principle says ...

no more than two electrons may occupy a single orbital (subshell).

if two electrons do occupy a single orbital, their spins will be opposite to each other.

both of the above.

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