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Test on Eggs

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Why does an egg float in saltwater but not in freshwater?

Because the density of the saltwater is higher than the density of the egg.

Because the salt in the saltwater extracts the liquid inside the egg and the egg becomes lighter.

Because a chemical reaction between the saltwater and the egg shell pushed the egg up.

What is an eggshell composed of?

100% andradite

12% salt, 18% water, and 70% litharge

3.5% protein, 1.5% water, and 95% calcium carbonate

Which gas is produced when you put an egg into vinegar?

calcium carbonate


carbon dioxide

What happens to an egg when the shell gets dissolved?

a transparent membrane that surrounds the egg underneath the shell keeps in together.

the egg falls apart.

the inside dissolves as well.

Why does an egg squeeze through the neck of a bottle that is smaller than itself and had hot content in it right before?

The air pressure in the bottle drops as the air cools down. The higher pressure outside the bottle forces the egg inside.

By instinct eggs squeeze through tight openings just like when they get laid by the chicken.

The hot air in the bottle melts the egg on top which then runs through the neck of the bottle.

What do your skin and an eggshell have in common?

They both can get sunburned.

They both have pores.

They have nothing in common.

What make eggs smell as they rod?



trapped oxygen

What is Osmosis?

Osmosis is the name of an exotic plant.

Osmosis is a process that equalizes the concentration of water on both sides of the egg membrane the same.

Osmosis is the element that makes an egg smell when it rods.

How can you tell the difference between a boiled egg and a raw egg?

raw eggs fall faster than boiled eggs.

a boiled egg spins easily while a raw egg hesitates at the start.

boiled eggs smell differently that raw eggs.

What does Bernoulli's principle say?

in areas where air moves rapidly, pressure is low.

in areas where air moves slowly, pressure is low.

boil eggs for no more than 3 minutes if you want them soft.

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