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Test on Plants

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What do seeds need in order to sprout?


sunlight and water

darkness and water

How can you control where plants grow?

you tell them not to grow in certain areas.

you cover areas where you don't want them to grow.

you use a remote control.

Besides water and light what else do plants need to grow?



carbon dioxide

When do plants "sweat"?

when they grow too fast.

when they release extra water as vapor.

when they get too many leaves.

How strong are seeds?

they are not strong at all.

they can break open jars.

they can lift cars.

Can water flow upwards?

yes. clay pots transport water upwards.

no. water always flows downwards.

yes. when it is really cold.

Can plants find a way through a maze?

yes. if there is water at the exit.

no. only with the help of a guide.

yes. if there is sunlight at the exit.

Do all plants start as seeds?

no. some can reproduce from twigs.

yes. they all start as seeds.

no. some are produced by animals.

Can flowers change color?

no they can't.

yes. but only early in the morning.

yes, if you water them with colored water.

How thirsty are plants?

not at all. plants don't drink.

they do drink a lot of water.

they are only thirsty when it is cold.

How do plant roots work?

they have little tiny pumps inside the stem.

they function just like a water sprayer.

they act like a sponge.

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