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Test on Magnetism

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What substance is attracted to a magnet?




What characteristics do magnetic substances have?

They can give a 'shock' when you touch them.

They fall faster than other objects when you drop them.

They can push or pull objects they are not touching.

Ancient people discovered magnetic rocks called lodestone. What did they use them for?



to start fires

What must happen for an electromagnet to have a magnetic field?

It must be heated.

It has to be touching another magnet.

It must be connected to an electrical source.

What happens when two north poles of magnets are placed together?

They repel.

They attract.

The strength of the magnet is doubled.

How is Earth?s magnetic field similar to that of a magnet?

It is made in Earth's core.

It has North and South poles.

It is shaped like a horseshoe.

What is our best evidence that Earth has a magnetic field?

All things fall toward Earth's center.

A compass needle lines up with it.

Winds blow from east to west.

Earth?s magnetic field and a bar magnet both attract particles to the same locations. Where are they?

the middle

all around the outside

the North and South poles

Why does a compass needle point North?

It is attracted to Earth's magnetic pole.

Because the gravity of the earth is the strongest at the north pole.

Because the wind blows from south to north.

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