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Test on Star Trek

Dear Guest, Only one of the three possible answers for each question is the right one. Find out how much you really know about Star Trek. You have to be a registered user if you would like to take this test.

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What is the Starship Enterprise's continuing mission?

To boldly go where no one has gone before

To fly to a galaxy far, far away

To find The Planet of the Apes

The Enterprise flies under the command of:

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The United Nations

The United Federation of Planets

What is the name of the former police officer who came up with the idea of Star Trek?

Gene Simons

Arthur C. Clarke

Gene Roddenberry

What kind of vessel is the USS Enterprise CV-6?

A starship

An aircraft carrier

A space shuttle

What is a PADD?

A warlike alien

A Personal Android Detonation Device

A data and text tool

Which earth creatures do the Cardassians resemble?




What is a Borg Cube?

A kind of sugar

A spacecraft

An alien hat

What does a rocket push against to move through space?

Its own exhaust gases


Other rockets

What color is the uniform of the Starship Enterprise's Science Officer?




The name "Uhura" comes from a Swahili word for:




What does a "hypospray" do?

Change the color of your hair

Allow you to take a quick shower

Inject medication without a needle

Janeway is:

A starship captain

A Vulcan freeway

A Klingon supermarket

In the Star Trek IV movie, Captain Kirk must bring two creatures into the future. What are they?



Humpback whales

The shuttlepod "El-Baz" is named after:

A Klingon warrior

A NASA planetary geologist

Spock's favorite ice cream

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