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Test on Backyard Animals

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Wild animals can be difficult to detect because of their instinctive behavior to avoid humans. However, the presence of wild animals often can be determined by their tacks in snow, sand, or soft mud. How do biologists preserve animal tracks?

They take a picture of it.

They use plaster to make track casts.

They use a portable scanner to capture the footprint on paper.

The art of tracking also allows wildlife biologists to

identify habitats in which animals live and to conduct population surveys.

identify their sleeping patterns.

identify their digestion system.

The following illustration shows an animal track.

Identify which species of wildlife creates tracks like this one.




Lots of animals live in the earth. Which of the following animals does not feel good in the dark?


ground beetle


Can you hear earthworms?

Yes. They make sounds when they talk to each other.

Yes. If you put them on a sheet of paper they make a scratching sound.

Yes. Earthworms make a singing sound when they get too dry.

What do earthworms do in the earth?

They play a major role in converting large pieces of dead leaves into rich humus, and thus improving soil fertility.

They drink up all the water after heavy rains and prevent flooding.

They only sleep in the earth and come out when it rains.

Snails' bodies produce a thick slime. What is it used for?

They use this slime to mark their territory.

Because of this slime, they can crawl across the edge of a razor and not get hurt.

Snails use this slime to digest food outside of their bodies. Therefore the snail is able to eat things that are much larger than its mouth.

The following illustration shows a pinecone.

Identify which species of wildlife chewed on it.


Field Mouse


A spider's web is built by a spider out of proteinaceous spider silk extruded from its spinnerets. Why does the spider weave a web?

Spiders use the web to sleep in. It serves as a hammock.

The spider web serves the spider as a weather station ? it provides the spider with measurements of wind and rain.

Insects can get trapped in spider webs, providing nutrition to the spider.

Go on a search for signs of animals in the garden. You will be amazed how many you can find. Which of the following signs is not an animal sign?


chewing gum

chew marks on a leaf

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