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What happens to objects in zero gravity?

They float

They rise

They drop

What do you call the thin coil of wire inside a light bulb?

A horux

An enzyme

A filament

Why do water pipes often burst in freezing weather?

Because the pipe material shrinks when it freezes

Because water becomes an acid when it freezes

Because water expands when it turns into ice

What happens if you push a north pole of one magnet towards a north pole of another magnet?

They attract each other

They repel each other

They become hot

Which are the primary colors?

Red, yellow, and blue

Red, Green, Blue

Pink, green, and purple

Which instrument would you use to measure air pressure?

A thermometer

A barometer

A thermostat

Why would a balloon filled with hot air fly better on a cold day than a warm day?

Hot air always rises, and the difference in temperature is greater on a cold day.

Because the gravity of the earth is lower when it is cold

Because ballons like cold weather better

What do vibrations in the air produce?




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