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Damon True - Educator at

Damon grew up on a 5acre farm in Fresno, California. As the eldest of 5 boys he was in charge of milking the goats, feeding the pigs, watering the alfalfa hay, putting in new fences ,butchering the rabbits(and goats, sheep, and chickens) and most of the chores related to animals. When college majors were to be filled out he knew veterinarian was not what he wanted. He knew science and animals in particular were what he enjoyed and so a degree in Zoology from UC Berkeley was a natural choice. He took Evolutionary Biology as soon as possible and competed with grad students and seniors to earn an A- in one of the most difficult upper division Biology classes Cal had to offer. He loved it, understood it, and proceeded to have this class color his world view as he went on to devour Herpetology and Mammalogy. These classes had a field component that fit well with his farm/outdoors experience and this led him to apply to research blue monkeys in Kenya with Dr. Thelma Rowell in the summers of 84/85. This unusual (for an undergrad) experience led him to upper division seminars and an Independent Study project on handedness in the field monkeys. Upon graduation he decided to combine his basketball and biology knowledge to teach /coach at the middle school level. He certainly chose well as he has truly enjoyed his 20 years of teaching and will always be a science teacher. He continually refines what and how he presents concepts and usually gets fun and outdoor field experience mixed in. He has 4 children 8-14 and quite enjoys boardgames and sports with them. He plays chess, poker, and bridge very well and likes boardgames with visual geometric strategies. He enjoys life quite a bit and his enthusiasm is usually evident as he tends to leap into new situations with both feet. He tends to make waves not ripples as he goes through life!

Courses by Damon True

Damon True teaches the following classes at

Title: Physics
Overview: Leonardo da Vinci is celebrated as the inventor of extraordinary machines and mechanical devices tha... more
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