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Ask The Zookeeper

This is where you can ask questions regarding animals. The zookeeper, Joan Avila, can answer any questions about animals, zoology, wildlife and captivity information. He can also help you care for your pets and help treat any problems or concerns. If you have any questions, ask the zookeeper below.

Questions for the Zookeeper - Submit a question
Question 1125

how old is the polar bear?

By: madbird911
2010-08-15 21:06:50
Number of views: 1341

Answer 1125

In the wild, polar bears live an average of 15 to 18 years, though biologists have found a few bears... more

Question 1080

how can thes birds stay balanced

By: hama
2010-05-02 18:42:47
Number of views: 1481

Answer 1080

You are probably referring to flamingos, which stand on one leg and capable of staying on that posit... more

Question 1051

Does the leaf of a tree or the seasonal change of autumn have anything to do with bears scratching t... more

By: adnama2011
2009-10-27 02:40:41
Number of views: 1392

Answer 1051

It is a normal behavior for a bear to scratch rough material per itchiness and such. Bare in mind th... more

Question 1022

why do animals mate?

By: jabria
2009-06-13 23:47:08
Number of views: 3

Answer 1022

Animals mate to reproduce, of coarse. If animals wouldn't mate, there wouldn't be any any of them!

Question 1019

How to do an experimennt involing snails?

2009-05-25 12:28:11
Number of views: 1432

Answer 1019

Well there is a variety of topics to choose from. Do you want to do an experiment on their behavior?... more

Question 1017

I saw a penguin get killed in front of us yesterday. W whitee boy bewhing the rocks threw him out. ... more

By: katnjo
2009-05-12 17:26:55
Number of views: 1550

Answer 1017

Thanks for sharing :-)

Question 1008

how often do sea otters eat

By: jackx
2009-03-30 01:33:37
Number of views: 2

Answer 1008

Once in a while. I don't know how much per meal.

Question 1003

how do penguins survive themselves? what is the prey for them in those artic and antartic regions?

By: rajeshwari
2009-03-11 15:14:17
Number of views: 1640

Answer 1003

Penguins have useful feathers to keep warm on land, but the main warmth here is the thick blubber, o... more

Question 1002

Can you tell me what's a good science project for a 5th grader to get an "A" on.Thanks have a nice d... more

By: dat_young_slida
2009-03-06 22:02:16
Number of views: 1497

Answer 1002

Read Question 1000.

Question 1000

can you tell me some animal science fair projects for 5th grade thanks

By: yalita
2009-02-28 02:34:12
Number of views: 5372

Answer 1000

Hello, The best projects, in my opinion, involve animals that are under conservation. Perhaps the t... more

Question 994

What is the food chain of a sea otter?

By: ohyeah64
2009-01-19 20:09:21
Number of views: 2

Answer 994

Visit http://cbc.amnh.org/crisis/foodweb.html

Question 983

how big is the largest anaconda and is it a male or female?

By: maggie77
2008-12-03 00:40:06
Number of views: 2487

Answer 983

The largest Anaconda ever recorded was 11.4 meters long! That is 37 feet long, about the height of 6... more

Question 982

What does the panda bear say?

By: audittess
2008-11-28 04:16:53
Number of views: 1

Answer 982

Question 977

whats the anacondas enymie

By: joey
2008-11-07 02:09:01
Number of views: 1674

Answer 977

Hello, I believe the Anaconda is at the top of the food chain. Those particular animals don't have ... more

Question 205

Hello, I am a third grade student at Oakview Elementary School in Stoneboro, PA. I have to present... more

By: brandon99
2008-04-07 23:15:26
Number of views: 2227

Answer 205

Hello Brandon Williams. Choosing the Panda Bear is a significant source for a project. I do not ha... more

Question 187

does anyone know how pandas protect themselves

By: misha
2008-03-28 14:54:55
Number of views: 5388

Answer 187

A strong adult panda is able to defend its self by either challenging the component or chasing it aw... more

Question 38

are cheatahs the fastest land animal

By: Mark@Marissa
2007-12-18 19:06:12
Number of views: 3

Answer 38

Yes, the cheetah is the fastest land animal. It's highest speed is 70 MPH.

Question 33

how fast do cheetahs run

By: eisha
2007-12-17 13:46:28
Number of views: 9045

Answer 33

The Cheetah is the fastest land animal reaching speeds of 45 - 70 mph. Cheetahs have also been known... more

Question 23

If a panda bear eats bamboo than why does it live in china. Its not like theres lots of bamboo there... more

By: midnight033
2007-11-27 22:15:22
Number of views: 5095

Answer 23

China does have various of bamboo, but it is true that there is not much bamboo to this day. This is... more

Question 17

Has the baby Panda been given a name yet?

By: margianne
2007-11-14 13:30:07
Number of views: 3

Answer 17

No, the baby panda has not been given a name yet.

Question 16

I love pandas. Do you know how old they get?

By: misha
2007-11-10 22:29:36
Number of views: 2936

Answer 16

A Panda bear's livespan is about 14-20 years in the wild; about 30-35 years in managed care ... more

Question 14

wat are flamingos nateral habitat and why are some differt colors. just saying there my favorite zoo... more

By: animallover
2007-11-04 18:22:28
Number of views: 19757

Answer 14

It depends on the species. Greater Flamingos live in the biome Wetlands where there is moist grounds... more

Question 13

do panguins always have to have a snow machine on in there pen

By: animallover
2007-11-04 15:02:06
Number of views: 22860

Answer 13

Not all penguins require a snow machine, but some species do require its temperature. Emperor Pengui... more

Question 8

What do sea otters eat?

By: cocomoco
2007-10-31 00:15:49
Number of views: 74749

Answer 8

Sea otters eat clams, snails, abalone, crabs, starfish, mussels, scallops, squid, chitons, small oct... more

Question 5

On behalf of a student: I am a fourth grader and I absuloutly love animals. My favorite is the dog,... more

By: Deputy Headmistress
2007-10-21 21:13:50
Number of views: 3067

Answer 5

I am glad the panda is your second favorite animal. I like to hear that from many people when they c... more

Question 3

How old is the Panda baby in the Panda room?

By: mloeffler
2007-10-18 04:38:17
Number of views: 1614

Answer 3

The panda in the panda room was born in September 7, 1991, in Wolong Giant Panda Research Center, Ch... more

Question 1

How old do turtles get?

By: Deputy Headmistress
2007-10-16 20:00:42
Number of views: 7476

Answer 1

Some turtles, especially tortoises, can live up to 150 years or more. Aquatic species usually have l... more

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