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You are here: Hall of Fame!
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Dear Student,

Welcome to the Hall of Fame at the Science Castle!

The Hall of Fame resides in the north tower of the main building and has the shape of an octagon. The purpose of the hall is to feature the most contributing students of the castle as well as the best science experiments:

The top ten science experiments ranked by the Science Castle Community.

The top ten articles ranked by the Science Castle Community.

The top ten books ranked by the Science Castle Community.

The top contributing students, who have earned the most science points at the Science Castle.

The top ten students, who have finished the most science projects at the castle.

The top ten students, who have contributed the most science experiments to the castle.

Being a student at the ScienceCastle.com is a privilege that you should show off. Get our cool gear now!

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The students in the Hall of Fame are currently having a number of discussions that you are invited to join.

Professor Dr. Franciscan
- Headmaster at the Science Castle -

The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking.
-Albert Einstein

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