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Space Phenomenon

What are Space Phenomenons?

A Space Phenomenon is a rare occurence in space. It also means that it is a mystery unsolved by by a... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-11-28 02:58:29
Number of views: 2114

Space Phenomenon #1


A quasar is an extremely bright object in between far galaxies. Quasars are about the size of the so... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-11-28 02:52:33
Number of views: 1018

Space Phenomenon #2


Pulsars are objects in space that send out frequent burst of electromagnetic radiation, mainly in th... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-11-28 02:49:09
Number of views: 851

Space Phenomenon #3

White & Binary Stars

They seem to be only pinpoints of light in the night sky, but stars play an integral part in the uni... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-11-28 02:39:48
Number of views: 368

Space Phenomenon #4

Black Holes

            Black Holes Th... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-11-22 16:53:38
Number of views: 679

Dwarf Planet Series

What Defines a Planet?

What constitutes a planet? The International Astronomical Union (IAU) developed some definitions in ... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-10-05 17:57:29
Number of views: 523

Dwarf Planets Series #1


UB313 or Eris In July 2005, Astronomer Mike Brown of CalTech and his team announced the discovery o... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-10-05 17:32:10
Number of views: 284

Dwarf Planet Series #2


Pluto Once known as the smallest, coldest, and most distant planet from the Sun, Pluto has a dual i... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-10-05 17:21:54
Number of views: 2363

Dwarf Planets Series #3


Ceres Ceres has been classified as a dwarf planet that might also be classified as an asteroid. Its... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-10-05 17:16:51
Number of views: 1324

Planet Series

What are the Planets?

What are Planets? The International Astronomical Union (IAU) said that the definition for a planet ... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-10-04 22:23:47
Number of views: 459

Planet #1


Missions to Venus Featured Mission: MESSENGER NASA's MESSENGER mission will give us... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-10-03 03:33:11
Number of views: 22935

Planet #2


Missions to Venus Featured Mission: Magellan In the early 1990s, Magellan used power... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-10-03 03:12:16
Number of views: 8886

Planet #3


Missions to Earth Featured Mission: Explorer 1 Explorer 1 was the first spacecraft su... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-10-03 03:08:13
Number of views: 1712

Planet #4


Missions to Mars Featured Mission: Spirit In 2003, NASA is sending two robot geologist... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-09-26 22:54:13
Number of views: 2482

Planet #5


Missions to Jupiter Featured Mission: Jupiter Polar Orbiter (Juno) The Jupiter Polar ... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-09-18 01:12:43
Number of views: 4168

Planet #6


Missions to Uranus Featured Mission: Cassini-Huygens Cassini and the Huygens probe are... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-09-18 00:50:27
Number of views: 5136

Planet #7


Missions to Uranus Featured Mission: Voyagor 2 Voyager 2 studied Uranus for several mont... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-09-16 17:18:39
Number of views: 3855

Planets #8


The eighth planet from the Sun, Neptune was the first planet located through mathematical pred... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-08-26 17:49:41
Number of views: 934


By: Zookeeper
2007-08-26 17:43:30
Number of views: 211

POLARIS(the northern star)

The brightest star in the constellation URSA MINOR.

"Polaris" comes from Stella polaris, the Latin form of its common name "Polar Star". The rarely used... more

By: jwspackerfan
2007-05-23 15:31:59
Number of views: 1188

Galileo's Astronomic Contributions

Father of Modern Astronomy

Based only on sketchy descriptions of the telescope, invented in the Netherlands in 1608, during tha... more

By: jwspackerfan
2007-05-22 14:57:36
Number of views: 1720

Black Holes

How much Do you Really Know about Black Holes?

A black hole is an object with a gravitational field so powerful that a region of space becomes cut ... more

By: jwspackerfan
2007-05-21 15:02:49
Number of views: 572


Have you even heard of a Quasar?

Visible quasars show a very high redshift which is an effect of the expansion of the universe betwee... more

By: jwspackerfan
2007-05-21 14:56:09
Number of views: 521

The Big Dipper

What is The Big Dipper?

The Big Dipper is one of the most distinctive asterisms in the sky. The familiar and easy to spot... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-05-19 14:06:06
Number of views: 942

Sun-sational Fun Facts!

Did You Know???

That the sun's light takes 8 minutes to reach earth?Since it takes about 8 minutes for the light fro... more

By: Zookeeper
2007-05-17 22:39:24
Number of views: 3131

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