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The Seven Secrets of the Rockiteer Science Program

1. Learning with the Whole Mind
Children learn best when they engage their whole mind -- the visual, creative right brain, as well as the linear, analytical left brain. Rock-it Science lessons are carefully designed to appeal to children's natural creativity and imagination and to provide a whole-mind foundation that supports their regular science lessons.

2. A Stress-Free Environment
We provide a stress-free environment, with no notetaking, memorizing, homework, or tests. We make science fun, so children will become confident and excited about learning science.

3. The Power of Storytelling
Each Rock-it Science lesson introduces a scientific concept through a zany humorous fairytale involving Jack, Jill, and The Evil Mr. Fred. Kids are encouraged to think creatively and suggest possible endings for the story. There are no wrong answers, so each child's contribution is valued, boosting their self-esteem.

4. Hands-On Experimentation
Each child gets to personally manipulate objects and materials and watch how they bounce, light up, dissolve, fly, break, disappear or do other strange and wonderful things. It's not just a whole-mind experience -- it's a whole-body experience!

5. Observation without Expectation
When you don't tell kids what they're "supposed" to observe, they notice all kinds of things. So we don't tell them what the result is supposed to be -- we just give them some materials and general instructions and let them try things out and observe what happens (the first step in the scientific method).

6. The Joy of Discovery
In a Rock-it Science lesson, children get to try things out, make mistakes, make corrections, and discover how to solve problems. They don't just reproduce something that some scientist has previously discovered -- they experience the joy of discovery for themselves!

7. The Magic of Memory
Anything that triggers a child's memory of the story will also help them remember the scientific principle, and their classroom teacher or home school parent can use this later to reinforce their regular lessons. The children are also more likely to remember what they've learned, not because they've memorized it, but because they've personally discovered and experienced it!

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Seven Secrets

Learning with
the Whole Mind

A Stress-Free

The Power of


Observation without

The Joy
of Discovery

The Magic
of Memory

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