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Experience hands-on science on your computer! Join our scientists online and watch as science experiments spring to life. Whether used as a companion science curriculum, or as an enrichment program, our science series will offer a helpful, step-by-step demonstration of experiments. Watch and follow along as experiments are performed -- see what happens -- and perform the same experiments at home with our hands-on science kits!


Can you identify an animal by its footprint? How many animals are in your backyard? Can you hear an earthworm? Where do birds sleep? Learn about animals in your backyard and parks by investigating the ... (details)


Play the role of archaeologist as you explore a pyramid model and the treasures buried within. After using hieroglyphics to decipher the secret to unlocking the pyramid, use tools and techniques simil ... (details)


Learn why some things float while others do not, what buoyancy means, and how propellers and sails work by building different boats and watercraft. ... (details)

Bubble Science

For countless generations, people have been fascinated by the unique properties of soap bubbles. Find out why these elegantly simple structures of soap, water, and air are still studied by scientists, ... (details)


As part of the class students experiment with wheels, gear ratios, and energy transmission by building tricycles, bicycles, cars, and motors. ... (details)


Experiment with additive and subtractive colors, mixing pigments, and the color wheel. Mold your own colored sidewalk chalk. ... (details)


Build cranes and learn how they lift heavy loads at construction sites. Experiment with different types of cranes and pulleys. ... (details)

Dry Ice

Dry Ice is one of the most fun things that you can ever play with but also pretty dangerous. It is 109 degrees below zero. It's made out of something that's in your breath when you breathe out. It's w ... (details)


The Easter Bunny brings baskets filled with colored eggs to the homes of children on the night before Easter. Do you know that there are many fun science experiments that you can do with eggs? Learn h ... (details)


Hydropower has been used for hundreds of years in watermills and is now commonly used to generate electricity in applications such as hydroelectric dams and tidal power plants. Explore the power of wa ... (details)

Land Turtles

This class covers everything you need to know about land turtles. It demonstrates the various types of turtles. Patrick talks about what they eat and their habitats. You learn how old they can become ... (details)

Magic I Workshop

Impress your friends and family with a few cool Magic tricks. Learn Magic from a true Magician - Rick Rios. Magic encourages young people to develop practice skills, concentration skills, eye/hand/fin ... (details)


Students create magnetic creatures and habitats for them to "live" in using magnets and a variety of art materials. As students play with their magnetic creatures, they discover the magnetic concepts ... (details)


Mushroom, also know as Fungi, are more important than you imagine. They are an essential component of our ecosystem. Plants, animals and bacteria need them for cycling nutrients. Actually 90% of all l ... (details)


Learn how to use a compass, read a map, find your way in nature, and work with other navigational tools and methods. ... (details)

Ocean Animals and Aquariums

Watch the feeding of a star fish and abalones. Learn about the habitat of water animals and how to set up an aquarium at home. Take a tour behind the scenes of the Monterey Bay Aquarium. ... (details)

Optical Science

Explore the science of human perception. Experiment with light and the color spectrum by building a color wheel, a fiber optic peacock, and diffraction glasses. Learn how the eye and a camera are simi ... (details)


Leonardo da Vinci is celebrated as the inventor of extraordinary machines and mechanical devices that entered the common heritage of technical culture only several centuries after his death.

Tak ... (details)

Physics Discovery

In this class we will build models and then conduct experiments with them to learn about forces and simple machines. Each model demonstrates a fundamental idea in mechanical physics: a balance scale t ... (details)


Learn how plants germinate from seeds, how they grow, what they need to grow, what they produce, and how their roots, stems, and leaves work. ... (details)


Learn all about pressure! The concept of pressure is demonstrated with several experiments on a bed of nails. Including a person in between a bed of nails. ... (details) visits STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION

Where real science and science fiction meet!

Don't miss the opportunity!

"Imagination is more powerful than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

Go beyond the television an ... (details)


This class covers everything you need to know about snakes. It demonstrates the various types of snakes. Patrick talks about what they eat and their habitats. You learn how to take care of them if you ... (details)

Solar Energy

In one way or another, almost every form of energy we use originates as energy from the sun. Solar energy directly powers photovoltaic cells and thermal collectors. Indirectly, we get power from plant ... (details)

Space Exploration

Blast off on a mission to explore outer space and the objects in it. Learn about rocket propulsion with balloons and chemically powered rockets. Build a telescope and star map to investigate the stars ... (details)


The measurement of time is crucial to science. Learn how to tell time, and how analog clocks, digital clocks, sundials, and hourglasses work. ... (details)

Water Turtles

This class covers everything you need to know about water turtles. It demonstrates the various types of turtles. Patrick talks about what they eat and their habitats. You learn how old they can get an ... (details)

Watersheds and Wetlands

Did you know that wherever you are, you are in a watershed? What is a watershed anyway? This class will answer these questions and many others. We will look at where our water comes from, where it goe ... (details)


Investigate weather with experiments on wind, rain, storms, clouds, rainbows, temperature, evaporation, pressure, and more. ... (details)
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The Perfect Beginner Experiment Kit!

Stepping into Science

Begin a lifetime of scientific investigation and understanding. Stepping into Science is designed for children 5 & up. It teaches science fundamentals through 25 hands-on science experiments, while at the same time introducing children to the concept and process of experimentation.

The science kit covers five key areas:

  • Nature
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Air
  • Water

The first kit in the Little Labs line - Stepping into Science teaches science fundamentals with step-by-step, hands-on experiments. The kit also includes a booklet with easy to follow instructions.

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