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Magnetism Science Stories & Experiments

by Roland Oberdorfer (Author).

Available as: Coming.

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Editorial Review

How to get rid of a pinheads and how it helps you to maximize your physics marks. This book is one of a kind because it is based on a unique 'storytelling' methodology. It starts out with a story about the scientists Mike and Maxi in their constant battle against Evil Dr. D. The story is a 'cliff-hanger' story and requires your fantasy and knowledge to be completed. After the story there are a number of science experiments related to magnetism that will help you arrive at a conclusion to the story. And before you read the official ending of the story you need to finish the story in your own words using the knowledge that you gain by doing the science experiments. Sounds like fun? It is! This methodology has been used successfully to teach thousands of children and teachers. And finally it is available in the form of this book! Online Science Classes that teach the content of this book are available at

Based on Science Class

Magnetism Science Summary

Science Experiments included

Discover Magnets Make a fuzz-ball creature Measure the "speed" of magnets A magnetic suspension Mess up a color TV Magnetic Screwdriver Identifying fake Magnets Demagnetize a Magnet Make your own compass Learn about Directions Make a pen hover in mid air Magnetic Money

Read it now. Download ebook.

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