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Make a cast of an animal track

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Can I preserve animal tracks? Locate an animal footprint and try this fun science experiment to find out. This experiment involves using plaster. You need to be very carful with the plaster since it can produce dust. Do not inhale plaster dust. Do not put the material in your mouth. Do not place it on your skin. Wash your hands after use.

This experiment is part of the following Science Class:

Subject: Animals

Description: Can you identify an animal by its footprint? How many animals are in your backyard? Can you hear an earthworm? Where do birds sleep? Learn about anima (more)

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Subject: Little Labs: Animals

Description: Learn about animals in your backyard and parks by investigating their natural habitats and tracks. 16-page color guidebook.

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Experiment Statistics

Part of Science Kit: Little Labs: Animals
Class: Animals
Category: Animals/Zoology
Created by: Biology Teacher
Added: February 10, 2009
| Number of views: 3533
| Number of times started: 52
| Number of ratings: 3
| Average rating: (5.00)

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