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Magnetism Science Stories & Experiments

'Mike and Maxi and the Mysterious Theft'

by Roland Oberdorfer (Author), Desiree Karge (Paintings), Natalya Oberdorfer (Editor).

- Introduction to Magnetism
- Magnetism Science Adventure
- 12 Magnetism Science Experiments
- Magnetism Science Quiz

Only $24.99 at

Dear Reader,

Congratulations on finding this book! It is one of a kind because it is based on a unique "storytelling" methodology. It starts out with a story about the Scientist Mike and his friend the lab mouse Maxi. The story is a 'cliff-hanger' story and requires your fantasy and knowledge to be completed. After the story there are a number of science experiments related to the subject of this book - Magnetism. The experiments will help you arrive at a conclusion to the story. And before you read the official ending of the story you need to finish the story in your own words using the knowledge that you gain by doing the science experiments. The perfect way for children to have fun and learn at the same time. Enjoy!

Roland Oberdorfer

Science Experiments included

Discover magnets Make a fuzz-ball creature Measure the "speed" of magnets A magnetic suspension Mess up a color TV Magnetic screwdriver Identifying fake magnets Demagnetize a magnet Make your own compass Learn about directions Make a pen hover in mid air Magnetic money

Read part of the story

... all of the sudden something totally unexpected happened. His paperclip was pulled sidewise out of his hands and flew straight towards the wall to the left of the room. But this was not the only flying object. Many other objects did the same - coins, keys, pencil sharpeners and even the big metal ruler zoomed through the air and hit the wall with a big bang ...

Do you need the materials to do the experiments yourself?

We offer the following two Magnetism Science Kits. These include most of the materials that you will need for the experiments in the book and more for additional fun magnetism experiments.


Explore the wonders of magnets! Investigate gravity, electric currents, and magnetic fields while building your own Galvanometer.

Plenty of magnets and accessories allow young scientists to create electric currents with falling magnets, learn how subway and roller coaster brakes work and explore the theory of Lenz's Law.

Kit includes: Aluminum, copper and plastic tubes, paperclips, Neodymium magnets, ceramic magnets, steel plug, rubber bumpers, vinyl tubing, iron filings, compass, large nail, comprehensive activity book includes 5 experiments and 5 projects.

Order it now.

Price: $24.95

LEVITATION Magnetism Science Kit

Magnets have mysterious powers. Learn everything about magnetic fields. Discover the magnetic concepts of attraction, repulsion, and polarity. This hands-on science kit includes the essential materials that you need to perform the most exciting magnetism experiments on the planet.

Kit includes: disc, ring, latch and neodymium magnets, standard and hi-force magnetic strips, plastic guide rails, compass, iron filings, wood blocks, nails and experiment and project book.

Order it now.

Price: $24.95

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