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Wind Power Science Class

Teacher: Steve Zavala

Language: English
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Description: Wind is one of the most promising sources of clean, renewable energy available today. Wind energy has been used for centuries to pump water and crush grain in windmills, and is now increasingly being used to generate electricity to power our modern world.

In this class we will build a working wind turbine complete with electric generator, adjustable rotors, and wind speed indicator to harness power out of thin air. You will learn the physics of force and motion as it applies to wind power technology, how to measure and calculate the different forces acting on the rotor blades, discover how the sun makes the wind, providing us with an endless source of energy.

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Recording on April 18, 2010 at: iFLY SF Bay

Skydivers freefall through the air at 120mph and up. iFly is a vertical wind tunnel, where we bring the wind to you! You'll float on a cushion of air within feet of your instructor.

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Wind Power

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