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Physics Science Class

Teacher: Damon True

Story: Mike and Maxi - The Enchanted Canyon

Length: 51.56 minutes
Language: English
Views: 853

Description: Leonardo da Vinci is celebrated as the inventor of extraordinary machines and mechanical devices that entered the common heritage of technical culture only several centuries after his death.

Take this online Physics Class at the largest, most comprehensive exhibit of the innovative art, science and engineering works of Leonardo da Vinci and his contemporaries at The Tech Museum of Innovation.

Learn about mechanical physics by building simple machines such as levers, gears, and pulleys. Discover force and motion and visit the hands-on and interactive exhibits, divided among themed galleries after the class.

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Class Experiments

The following experiments will be demonstrated as part of this class:

Title: Build and Fire a Catapult
Created: 2008-10-21 04:46:15
Overview: Build this amazing catapult which is part of the Little Labs Physics Science Kit. It is not only a...

Title: The force of a lever
Created: 2008-10-28 03:49:58
Overview: What does a lever do? This little experiment will demonstrate how a lever works and explain the forc...

Title: Build a race car
Created: 2008-10-29 04:29:26
Overview: What is energy? There are many types of energy. Build and use this race car to learn about two types...

Title: Build a Balance Scale
Created: 2009-07-02 04:38:54
Overview: In the experiment 'force of a lever' you experimented with a lever and how it multiplies forces from...

Title: Build a Pulley
Created: 2009-07-02 05:30:18
Overview: Do you know what a pulley does and where you can find them? Pulleys can be found everywhere, for exa...

Title: Build a Block and Tackle
Created: 2009-07-03 05:07:56
Overview: How can you make lifting easier with the help of pulleys? In this experiment you explore how two or ...

Title: Build a Power Transmission
Created: 2009-07-03 05:50:56
Overview: Do you know how to transmit power from one place to another? Find out and build your own power trans...

Materials used

The following materials are required for this class:

Mike and Maxi - The Story

It was a beautiful morning. Our little heroes Mike and Maxi were having a picnic in the Enchanted Woods of Science Castle under a huge Redwood tree. They were sitting on a blanket with a picnic basket full of goodies next to them. Everything was peac ...

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Recording on October 18, 2008 at: The Tech Museum of Innovation

The Tech Museum of Innovation engages people of all ages and backgrounds in exploring and experiencing the technologies affecting their lives, and aims to inspire the innovator in everyone.

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